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Welcome to the OLLI at UK Online Registration site!

OLLI at UK, Morehead
Registration for Spring 2015 
Opens Online Monday, February 9 at 1:00 pm

OLLI at UK is a membership organization. 
-  Annual Membership is $25 for Fall, Spring and Summer
- Once you are a member, you can register for classes at either of our sites
Lexington and Morehead

- Not a Member yet? 
Membership is available now for purchase.  

- Courses are available for viewing only now
- At 1:00 pm Courses will be available for registration

Step-by-step directions
on how to activate your profile (or create a new one), create or reset your password, purchase membership, and register for classes are located on the OLLI at UK website:    

To help prepare for registration “going live”, we strongly suggest planning in advance!
1. Find your Username and Password now (reset Password if needed).
2. Reacquaint yourself with the online registration website.
3. Review the available classes in advance
4. Be ready to register right when registration opens.                                                                                                  
5. When registering, progress quickly through the registration process, remember that class space is not held while in the shopping cart.  Space is only confirmed after you have successfully progressed through the payment process.
6. A confirmation of registration and payment will be received when registration has been successful.  If you do not receive confirmations, your request has not be processed. 
* Call the OLLI Office for assistance.  Please note that we do expect that phone lines will be very busy on registration day/week. Emailing questions may offer a quicker response.